A Virtual Exhibition

Mamecology is a virtual exhibition of artistic responses to breast cancer.

Our exhibition name, ‘Mamecology’, brings two words together. The first, ‘Mammal’, relates to the species to which we humans belong. Mammals are distinguished by our milk-producing mammary glands. When this part of us is is affected by this illness, creative expression helps us to recognise and honour the emotional, physical and spiritual ecosystem of the whole person. Thus, the second, ‘Ecology’ reminds us of our wholeness in the face of a diagnosis, as well as our organic part in nature.

Opening In April 2022, we are accepting submissions (see below) from November 1st 2021 to March 14th 2022

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All forms of creative practice that can be virtually exhibited (text, visual practices, music, audiovisual and photographic records of performances and so on) are welcome.


Below you will find the work of our contributors organsied by writing, visusal art, music and perfomance.

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Our beautiful logo is inspired by the Japanese art of ‘kintsukuroi’ or ‘golden repair’, where a broken object is made even more valuable and precious by using gold to mend it.

Our health practicioners and our allies in support services treat their work with patients as a form of ‘golden repair’, and our own creative work also has the potential to transform life-changing challenges with the radiance of expression, and to restore a sense of inner wholeness.