June 9, 2022


My neighbor saw him jump the fence in thunder, leave the pasture for the road, then back again, a flight across boundaries as lightning struck, and the rain came down, as it does these days, urgent, torrential.   [...]
June 9, 2022


Are you a man or a woman? She's squinting at my inch long hair, the flat side of my chest, and what are the answers for the state  [...]
June 9, 2022


Of course I meant to tell him. I waited for the right moment like a farmer waits for rain. [...]
June 9, 2022


Because she is ancient and winged, her whole body perched and dappled, legs fading into the trunk of a tree
June 8, 2022


The jagged trail of pee starts on the porch mat's rough weave, crosses the foyer into the front room and ends on the rug brought from Turkey. [...]
May 6, 2022


Afterwards, there are no more nurses in the room with the doctor, and you realize there’s been an official decision about the absence of desire. A board somewhere sat and determined it: male doctors may examine the remaining breast unaccompanied after mastectomy [...]